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Day with the King of Golf


Arnold Palmer arrives in Cayman Islands
Arnold Palmer arrives in style for the launch of his first golf course in the Caribbean - Ironwood. Only a short 1.5 hour flight from Bay Hill Golf Club & Lodge in Orlando, the team made its way to the island in true Palmer style.

Arnold Palmer Brasserie Restaurant

Arnie joins his friends at the Brasserie Restaurant in Grand Cayman for a friendly lunch with the Ironwood Team. Brandon Johnson (APDC), David Moffitt (Ironwood), Fred Whittaker (), Arnold Palmer, Roy Saunders (AP’s Director of Hospitality), Thad Layton (ADPC), Tom Moffitt (Ironwood).

 Arnold Palmer

Arnold Palmer holds the hand of his dear wife Kit. Arnie had a small cut on his arm which Kit took care of with a bandaid and sweet rub on his arm to make it feel better.

Arnold Palmer placing an umbrella pin on the jacket of Alden McLaughlin

Mr. Arnold Palmer placing an umbrella pin on the jacket of Alden McLaughlin, Premier of the Cayman Islands. The multi-coloured umbrella has become the signature logo for the Arnold Palmer brand and is one of the most recognized logos worldwide with the King himself personally handing out pins.

Arnold Palmer with RCIP

Palmer is one of the most well-known sporting personalities in the world and shows his appreciation for those that keep us safe. He is keen to give back to the local community in any way that he can. Smile for the camera!

Arnold Palmer with Cayman Islands Premier

Wearing matching umbrella pins, the Cayman Islands Premier and Mr. Arnold Palmer at Ironwood’s launch event. Arnie’s charisma and endearing personality have made him one of the most respected sportsmen in the world.

Arnold Palmer with A young fan

A young fan received the highlight of his year when he met Mr. Palmer at the Ironwood Launch Event. The son of a golf pro and groundskeeper, Arnie has always had a soft spot in his heart for junior golfers. His father Milfred “Deacon” Palmer introduced the game of golf to his son by shortening a set of regulation clubs so he could use them. By age five, Arnie had played his first regulation 18 hole match which would eventually lead to his success on the PGA Tour.

 Arnold Palmer with Cayman Islands Governor, Helen Kilpatrick

Mr. Palmer has travelled the world, but he still remains the humble young man that grew up on Latrobe Country Club in Pennsylvania, USA. He could not miss the opportunity to greet the Cayman Islands Governor, Helen Kilpatrick, and thank her for a wonderful visit to the islands.

 Arnold Palmer with family, friends

Surrounded by family, friends, company members and fans, Arnie and his wife enjoy a fun and relaxing night of cocktails and canapés under the stars.

 Mr. Palmer with staff of Sunshine Suites

Mr. Palmer with staff of Sunshine Suites Bar & Grille who cooked his Sunshine Breakfast – two eggs cooked any style with your choice of sage sausage/ applewood bacon, home fries, toast and jam.

 Arnold Palmer Cayman Islands

This photo sums up the essence of Ironwood – a community of friendly individuals with a common goal of providing our residents and visitors with the best experience possible. What a great two days with the King of Golf.

Arnold Palmer Cayman Islands

Grinning with happiness, Palmer officially signs the Ironwood development map for his first course in the Caribbean. Arnie and Kit are looking forward to coming back again for another enjoyable experience in the Cayman Islands.

 Mr. Palmer thanked the Cayman Islands Customs

Mr. Palmer thanked the Cayman Islands Customs Department for their hard work and for a fantastic trip. “We will be back soon!”


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