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The Wilma Moffitt Foundation


At the heart of the Ironwood development is the passion our people have for charity and giving back to the beautiful island that has blessed us with so much over the years.  The Moffitt family ignited the idea for the Ironwood development and see their dream spot as a place that will provide a significant contribution to the people of the Cayman Islands.

Ms. Wilma Moffitt, better known as Sister Wilma, was the first Moffitt family members to visit the island of Grand Cayman in 1955. In 1960, at the age of 33, she returned to the island with hopes of teaching at a school she could only imagine in her dreams.  A place that promotes the spiritual and moral development of children and teachers that committed to their student’s wellbeing.  With an enthusiastic attitude and love for children, she began teaching with a group of 12 students, ten of which marched across a graduation ceremony platform thirteen years later. 


In the May 1979 issue of the Nor’wester Magazine, Ms. Moffitt was named one the “bridge builders” in the Cayman Islands.  She became an educational leader and prime example of the type of individual needed to continue the growth of education on the islands.  The Native American Proverb below describes the type of person Ms. Moffitt represented and the mission statement of the Foundation.  Our hope is to encourage residents and employees of Ironwood to be inspired by this proverb and become the new “bridge builders” of today.


As Ironwood prepares to commence a long term commitment to the Cayman Islands, we want to honour the memory of our Aunt Wilma, which led the Moffitt family to this beautiful country.  Ironwood hopes to continue her legacy with the creation of the Wilma Moffitt Foundation, focusing on educational and sports-related scholarships for children of the Cayman Islands.  At Ironwood, we believe the pursuit of education should be a basic right of every child.

Another long range goal of the Wilma Moffitt Foundation is to be a conduit for transfer of knowledge.  Ironwood and the Foundation want to continue her legacy by encouraging that the vast wealth of knowledge from incoming Ironwood retirees be divested to our local school children through mentoring, tutoring and after school programs. These acts of service give our retirees purpose, while nurturing a service minded foundation in children.

To make these dreams become a reality, Ironwood is pledging a minimum of 5% of profits be directed to the Wilma Moffitt Foundation.  Our hope is to provide the children of the Cayman Islands with opportunities they may not generally have access to because of family constraints.  It is very fitting and an honour that a former student and member of Sister Wilma’s teaching staff, Mrs. Hope Borden-Stephenson has accepted the position to chair the Foundation.

At the Arnold Palmer Tee-Off Event, Thursday February 27th 2014, Ironwood will auction off the first golf lot of the Arnold Palmer Signature course with all proceeds going towards launching the Wilma Moffitt Foundation.

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