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Course developers plan to include local characteristics



Those with the Arnold Palmer Design team plan to include the natural characteristics of the land in Breakers for their proposed 7,100-yard championship caliber course slated as part of the proposed Ironwood Development.

“There are a lot of interesting rock formations on the site, so we’re hoping to preserve a lot of those and incorporate those as features on the property,” Arnold Palmer Design Senior Architect Thad Layton said.

Construction on the course — nor the Ironwood Development — won’t begin until an agreement is reached to extend the East-West Arterial Road.

“One of the most interesting things about Grand Cayman is just the trade winds,” Layton said. “So one of the things we wanted to do and take into consideration were the constant winds. And the way that we did that was a constant change in the routing. So the first hole plays to the south, the next hole plays to the north, the third hole plays to the west. So you’re constantly changing directions and you need to incorporate that into how you play the golf course.”

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