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Ironwood Offers Businesses New Opportunities


As businesses are struggling to stay afloat in the capital, developers for a $360 million project in Frank Sound believe going east is the solution. Ironwood is now looking to attract businesses to the proposed complex and encourage people to shop local.

Director of sales and marketing at Ironwood, Samantha Widmer, said at the heart of the project is a desire to keep things local.

“The town center will have various amenities including a supermarket, cinema and bowling alley.”

“We’re looking to make it into something very exciting so the people in those districts have somewhere to go. We are attracting new business opportunities and retail opportunities, providing jobs and ways to enjoy weekend on that side of the island,” Ms. Widmer said.

With plans for an Arnold Palmer championship golf course, developers want to attract sports shops, food outlets and clothing stores to the eastern side of the island.

“There’s room for sporting and clothing companies. There’s a lot of opportunities for golfing and sporting retailers,” Ms. Widmer added.

The town center will also feature homes. Ms. Widmer said this will provide more real estate options for residents.

“The town centre homes is our first phase. We have 1,2 & 3 bedroom homes for investors and visitors,” she said.

Government has signed an Memorandum of Understanding with the Ironwood developers to extend the East-West Arterial. They are still in talks with the National Trust over the environmental impacts of the proposed work.


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