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New Road And Mastic Trail


Mastic Trail

Premier Hon. Alden McLaughlin says there can be no change in the route of the East West Arterial extension. But, there is a chance the road can be built over the Mastic Trail and Reserve.

Monday, government held a joint press briefing with developers of Ironwood, a proposed multi-million dollar golf and housing community in Frank Sound.

Both say they are in talks with the National Trust and the developer is changing plans on Ironwood to suit. “We’ve actually redesigned out master plan, based on their comments and feedback they’ve had to reroute  some our traffic and some of their building concerns around the Botanic Park area. So, we are very sensitive of that issue,” said developer David Moffitt.

Part of the deal is to take concessions granted from the development and use it to build the road extension expected to cost $40 million.

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